Growing a powerful group of Hispanic Leaders in the community

The heart of Creciendo Unidos are our volunteer leaders. Families who participate in our programs typically are quite impacted that they want to go and volunteer to be able to give the same support they received in the program. As a result, Creciendo Unidos has trained thousands of individuals for their personal growth giving them the necessary tools to motivate and lead others effectively.

Many of our volunteers consist of entire families, from 4-year-olds, 80 years old Grandparents, who are dedicated to cultivating the spirit of voluntarism within the family. Our volunteer leaders training gives individuals the ability to exceed their own expectations, gaining leadership and philanthropic values using in their lives. This training process is carried through the program “Making a Difference”, a program aimed specific in leadership for the entire family where each individual depending on their age receives training to project its leadership in our organization or other organizations to strengthen our community.