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    Guille Sastre
  • Creciendo Unidos Who We Are

Creciendo Unidos/Growing Together is a community organization that has served the valley since 1997. The organization has 17 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of community programs that have served as the foundation and inspiration for Creciendo Unidos.

Our programs have been proven successful and have been recognized by governmental agencies, school districts and community organizations. In 1997 we were named “a best practice model” by the Juvenile Justice Department. Each year the organization serves countless individuals, that transform their lives and have become the leaders that make it possible for Creciendo Unidos to continue this wonderful work. Since the beginning Creciendo Unidos has had an astounding rate of completion, 90% of the participating families attend all the required sessions and graduate from the program. Other factors that are evaluated while in this program include: academic improvement for the children and youth attained through report cards, domestic violence incidents and alcohol or substance abuse. Our programs are focused on Spanish speaking communities that are primarily low income, have a limited support network and may be facing multiple issues.

In January 1, 2021 Creciendo Unidos obtained a fiscal sponsor through Christ Church-Lutheran. An organization that understands and supports the work of Creciendo Unidos. Through this collaboration, the organization is able to continue working on its mission of unifying and strengthening families through its grassroots leadership family programs and insures its donors can still support one of their favorite organizations with a tax deductible donation. If you have specific questions regarding this matter please reach out to info@cuaz.org